Do we *have* to have an **evening thread**?


Lots of outside bars on the beach between the piers. Or there is the Mash Tun (and another one opposite who’s name escapes me) a bit more inland by the Dome

Evening all!

I’m not in Brighton either. I had two good friends living their during university days but I’ve never been.

Halloumi burgers turned into halloumi traybake which tasted excellent. I am full now.

We’re planning to watch Little Women after The Child goes to sleep. It had better not be all-female reboot of The Borrowers.

Also up for a drink of some sort tomorrow for sure. I’m just about to head up the beach with a couple of cans up hopefully watch the sunset

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Waggon and horses

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Ah - I saw you asking for outside areas. Bison beach bar is nice, but a bit of a way out. The Fortune of war is the best of the pubs on the seafront in that stretch.

There’s a few by the Dome - Fitzherberts, the Mash Tun and the Waggon and Horses, all of which have outdoor areas.

Good to see that @grievoustim’s recommendations were pretty much the same as mine in our crossed messages

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@Avery there’s a place in/near Kemptown called Holler that serves nice beer and has outside seating.

Temple is nice and has some tables outside. It’s on Western Road.

I also like The Lanes but can’t remember if it has any outside seating.

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never been to brighton, and I’m happy for it to stay like that.

Holler was off London Road, but got taken over / merged with Unbarred, who make very nice beer. It’s very close to me, actually, and a great recommendation.

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Awww I love the rugrats! Which one of the gang is your fav? Mine was Chuckie, poor sweet Chuckie

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Do you mean the North Laine pub? There are a few tables outside.

I’m not sure they are open today though

I just saw that and the website says it’s closed until Wednesday. Good to hear it’s still decent even though it has changed ownership.

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My local has a beer garden, but the beer is decidedly average

Yes, that’s the one. I should not attempt to give recommendations! :laughing:

I have never been to Brighton, but would absolutely love to- looks great! Weirdly, a lot of the protagonists from Katie Price novels seem to be from Brighton cause she was (I think?).
As I read “Brighton” on here, the person in the video I’m watching on YouTube also said Brighton and it freaked me out. Hate when the simulation glitches like that cause it makes me think the tiny rat in my brain is real


Pasttaaaaa yeah

I’m excited

Also hungry

Also vaguely disillusioned

But mostly hungry

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Was yr profile pic different a minute or two ago? I swear it was

Hahaha yes, I was pretending to be ethamsmateowen :smiley: a cunning disguise


I’ve been out in Brighton several times, generally getting very drunk because I’m cool!

Went to a David Bowie disco that was really fun…

I’m currently in Derbyshire.

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