Do we *have* to have an **evening thread**?

Oh nice and there’s a JG Quintel show on Netflix. Hope it’s good, Regular Show was :fire:

3 hours 2 minutes until I have any work to do. Thank fuck I brought a laptop and a jack for the PA system

Were I not in Brighton, I’d have been very interested in said film club, I’m sure, but I’m in Brighton, doing Brightonian type things.

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there’s an old episode of Shameless on TV, got it on mute but i don’t remember the camera work being so utterly bizarre. gets really really close up at times for no reason.

mid 00s TV was weird

would be quite happy to spend my entire life drunk if this was the case

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83% humidity, eh.

Could you please stop bragging about your air conditioner for five minutes please yeah thanks

I am awake and uncomfortable

I didn’t have it on!

mate I didn’t have ANYTHING o…nvm