Do we know enough about Indonesia?

I didn’t know it was the 4th most populous country in the world. I knew it was up there, but I didn’t know that it was the 4th most. We don’t really hear much about it do we? Why is that?

Anything you’d like to say about Indonesia?


Greater Jakarta (pop 30m) is likely to become the biggest city in the world within a few years.

Just also read that it’s sinking 17cm a year though, which might cause problems in the long term…

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Almost certainly going to cease to exist as a result of rising sea levels in the next 100 years or so?


I hardly know her.


We used to own it. Up yours, British Empire!


Did a holiday in Bali and Lombok 6 years ago. Incredible countries - big fan.

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You can never know enough about Indonesia

Wanted to go to the Lombok area of Utrecht last year. Didn’t

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Jakarta? No, she wanted to go!!!

Doesn’t work…

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Not sure about the definition of the city though

was going to suggest i’ve been to indonesia more times than i’ve been to england

this might even be true

I’ve been to Scotland one more time than I have been to Indonesia

I have been to Scotland and Indonesia an equal amount of times

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I was going to use the term “mega-city” but it felt to pew pew science fictiony.

don’t even know where it is, is it near India?

you need to take a leaf out of Marckee’s book m9

write down swear words in a scrapbook?


Going to Bali for the ol’ honeymoon in a years time. All the private villa things on AirBnb are redic cheap. That’s it really.

covers an eighth of the world’s longitude so I hear (on University Challenge)

Sumatra is a great island, and I had a lovely time there.