Do we need an evening thread?

Well, do we?

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:radio_button: Yes


I reckon so!



Day has been frustrating, needed to get more work done than I did but hey ho. Also outta money so need a client to pay up soon please :blush:

Currently making a :eggplant::tomato: caponata which I’m looking forward to, contemplating what to watch (is it bake off night? If so probably that and then Industry)


Just got home from job 2. My pal is here and we have wine.

The cat has developed a really bad drooling problem. My legs are soaked. Going to have to buy him a little drool pillow or something to protect my lap.


Had pastie and chips for dinner

Wine and football now.




Lying on the sofa with the dog cuddled up to me. Watching the football.

That is all.

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State of him


We’ve come to veterans park to sit and drink cold brew. I’ve added a potent blend of every syrup available, an act that took minutes to complete. There’s a man here boiling a moka pot on a portable gas stove. He has all the kit needed to fix a small mechanical toy. Behind him there are two memorials to veterans as well as a few small plastic smiling plastic jack-o’-lanterns. There are a few weather worn Stars and Stripes tied to a nearby tree. For a moment I feel an overwhelming patriotism, before I realise the banana cream coconut cinnamon chocolate filling from my donut is dripping all over me like a deadly sugar avalanche.


Probabky not but lets have one anwyay.

Watching Creep, had burger, having beer


What’s the beer?

I’m at a beabadoobee gig

I feel so old

I’d say the average age of the crowd here is about 15

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semi-watching Inside Man because I’m normally not one to go “why would x character do this” but it’s so bafflingly shit that I’m immersed and I have lost what respect I ever had for Stephen Moffatt. Absolutely insane programme

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Overtone Strat in Silence - 5% pale with strata hops


Keep thinking everyone is talking the Spike Lee film :smiley:


In case anyone was wondering what the youth are into, judging by the support act, turns out the youth are into “bands that sound like they could have played the club in Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

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Hey hey.

Made a pie before work. Ate a pie after work. Bloody lovely pie too. Watching bake off with a beer and as I’m off tomorrow, probably stay up really late for no reason. Because I’m a dickhead like.


really pisses me off cause there’s a huge budget behind it but the script is easily on par with the average Roscoe and Marlon

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