Do We Need More Than One Of It? (Polls)


  • Only really need one type of vodka
  • Need all the vodkas

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Custard creams

  • Basically all exactly the same
  • Yes, there are subtle - but crucial - differences between the brands

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Tory MPs

  • Loads of Tory MPs for some reason?
  • Still one too many but can settle for one Tory MP

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Thought they were all the same but then had some from aldi which were absolutely foul.

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  • Jeans for all occasions, getting married in jeans.
  • Courds and kharkis and jeans and other lesser known two legged bottoms

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*Ignoring skirts, kilts and other forms of leg hiders.

  • A pint of beer please
  • Could I have a schooner of your finest lightly-smoked-triple-wet-suspended-hopped-sour-beef-raspberry-saison please!!!

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  • A beautiful spectrum of penguins, ostriches, robins, owls, etc
  • Probably get by with pidgeons

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Drinking Water

  • Taps are all we need
  • Bubbles, lemons, cucumbers, I want something else in my water sometimes

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Football Teams in a Single City

  • London City v Birmingham United
  • Everton v West Ham

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Types of Digits

  • Fingers, thumbs, toes, keep a nice mix.
  • One body one digit type.

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  • coffee - black or with a dash of milk
  • mine’s a decaf frappe vanilla mochaccino please

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Probably get by with pidgeons

The fact that her name’s spelled wrong isn’t even the worst thing about her.

Don’t know why that spelling always catches me out. I apologise with a picture of a pigeon in a hat.


Star Wars Films

  • Empire Strikes Back will probably suffice tbqh
  • Ker-ching

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  • it’s lettuce, who cares
  • let us have lots of lettuce

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standard tea bag teas

  • they all taste the same
  • i pretend i can tell the difference between tetley and pg tips or whatever

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fizzy juice

  • just coke. maybe diet coke too at a push
  • not only do we need different brands, we also need cherry coke vanilla coke orange coke and etc

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pasta shapes

  • spirals is fine
  • no! we need action man bow ties and macaroni and all that

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Jeans are one of the worst form of trousers

come at me


  • Standard white is ample for all eventualities
  • Need to keep the red onion flying here too

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