Do we reckon wasabi can go off?


Got some lunch at Wasabi (the shop) on my way home but didn’t pick up any wasabi (the condiment) because I’ve got loads of sachets of it at home.

I checked the sachets and the big ones have a use by date of February 2015. Luckily, there’s no such date on the small ones.

Am I going to die?

Other safety questions welcome.


at some point, aye



Do you actually eat and drink anything in date?


I’m a man on a budget, Jezzer. Those £290 pedals won’t buy themselves, you know.


this is now the cycling thread


Please buy your stupid family and cunt friends in-date perishables.


Ban request for this vile, unprompted abuse.


Bloody hell, Eps, why do you do this to yourself?


Or, “a bad case of the Epimers”


I ate French mustard two years out of date a few weeks ago.

Tasted fine.



fuck’s a dixie cup


Not much man, what’s Dixie cup with you?

Doesn’t work.





is this the general lunch thread? no? good.

what should I have for lunch?



Got some wasabi sachets going spare if you’re interested.

And the soy sauce is livid!!


trying to work out where roundabout here i can get decent sushi

dunno if that’ll cut it though, i’m hank marvin


having leftover gnocchi