Do we / should we have a “giving stuff away” thread?

I’m moving at the end of the month and will have some bits of furniture to get rid of. I can obviously go through Facebook and gumtree etc to get rid of it but also i’d rather offer stuff to DiSers and I figure I’ll get fewer time wasters on here?

I can see there’s a Classfieds board but I doubt anyone looks at it.

Do we have a rolling free stuff thread? Should we?





This is a good idea, when I moved recently I had so much stuff that just got chucked but might’ve been useful to people on here.

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If our house move happens then will have some stuff to give away to the MME

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It’s a nice idea. You know, I think I gave a couple of t-shirts away in the early days of DiS - one to @tilly possibly and one to either @roastthemonaspit or lemonbrickcombo (may be wrong on these)… I live a bit far away for giving away furniture but I’m always happy to donate stuff that would otherwise end up at the charity shop.

Prolly got some books


Got a partially working gamecube going if anyone wants it

i’m in an unfurnished room

could really do with a bed, currently i just have a terribly shit mattress!

also a chest of drawers/general clothes storage would be good…

the house i live in is big so i’ll consider any free stuff tbh

Ok - I will sort out a thread in the next few days (gonna offer my stuff to housemates first)

What I’ll do is make the first post an instructions one - what to include in a post upfront, ie location, if it needs collecting or if you can offer transport, dates stuff needs to be gone by etc. any suggestions on useful things to include?

Also going to say we stay away from stuff being sold, because I don’t want any kind of liability issues if someone gets ripped off.

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Actually I have a single bed that needs to go - housemates definitely won’t want that. But you’d need to collect it.

This is a very good idea. Got some useful baby stuff which is still in good condition which may possibly interest some parents/parents to be.

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if you don’t wanna sell anything for £££ could give it away for free and tell people they’re very welcome to donate to the hardship fund?

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Great idea.

I’ve just given a load of stuff away that was being stored in my basement. Hate seeing perfectly good things being chucked away.

I have Friday Night Lights Boxset. Free to collect from Bournemouth!