do we still do banal threads in 2020?

having a cup of tea and a flake

  • dip itttt
  • don’ttttt
  • ur a flake

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wuu2 huns

i fear i may have done too much work today and screwed myself out of a second day’s work. nice one, idiot.

Why would you have a Flake when you could have a Twirl.
Shaking my head sadly.


i don’t choose what ends up in the snackbox gnome. gosh, what a negative attitude!!

Flakes are shit. More goes on the floor than you eat. Twirl makes Flake accessible and manageable.

  • flake
  • twirl

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having a tea and a dark choc tunnocks meself (didn’t dip)

going to the cinema later aren’t i, concerned about sitting down for that long tbh, fed up of this stupid fucking injury tbh

Moved my nearest gas paypoint about fifteen mins away, bastards

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Just pulled a hair out of my nostril and did a huge sneeze

will do wonders for your stepcount tho

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There’s a free snackbox?! OK fair enough I wouldn’t complain about free snacks out loud, anyway

Every day at 4pm, hence my spare tyre :disappointed:

You’ll be thankful of that spare tyre in an emergency!

What ya gonna see?

I am eating plain almonds mixed with some salted peanuts. Would rather have a Twirl or even a Flake

jojo rabbit


can’t you get a special cushion

Just picked up my quite poorly daughter (glandular fever) and now I feel peaky. This always happens to me when the kids are ill, but most of the time it’s all in my head. Anyone else get this?

yes but do you think i can be arsed to go and get one? ahahahahaha (yes i should)