Do we still do thursday evening threads?

Just waiting for a train back to smelly old london. Cant believe it’s been ten days already, absolutely flown by. Got preemptive work dread for starting a new job on monday, and i have to go to rochester tomorrow. Gulp. Having dumplings tho so that’s nice.

wuu2 huns?


I am in an ‘ale house’ I have not been to before drinking a Porter, on my tod, which is ok.

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I’m fucking whacked

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It’s my birthday tomorrow and I feel kinda weird, so I’m having a beer from the most metal glass i own*

*Stole from a pub in Newcastle.


  • Ah-men
  • Ay-men

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Learned that there’s no bi flag emoji by my post-migraine brain very nearly sending “happy Bi Visibility Day 🦬”

Had takeaway pizza. The local place is doing a special offer where you get a free garlic pizza bread if you order three pizzas.

I ordered three pizzas, and got the free garlic bread.

I did not need three pizzas and a garlic bread.


Something something you can’t wash your hands in a pan sexual?

Hmm. Needs work.

The missus is out at a pub quiz tonight, so I might have a beer and a play on Ableton maybe

Or: did you

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Haven’t made decent fajitas for ages. Not entirely sure why either.

Smoked paprika gone off?

Feel like going to sleep already. Or frying a whole block of halloumi then going to sleep.

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I may be full to the point of feeling uncomfortable, but I’m looking forward to breakfast pizza.



Got a task to do for an interview and have to send it off by Sunday pm but I also want to submit a little piece to an anthology whose submissions close Sunday pm so trying to finish those this evening with time to review tomorrow. If I leave these things undone any longer, I’ll be haunted by them in my sleep.

Making good progress on both though so spirits are high.


Stopped smoking while I was having various investigations. Don’t have an illness caused by smoking so gonna kick on with the old smoking again

  • Irrefutable logic
  • I don’t think that’s a reason to……

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At least pizza has good breakfast/lunch the next day characteristics.


Out for dinner in Anglesey