Do you actually 'like' any salads?



Boots does some good unsfa


sure, but you must have a preference for one over others / a standard go to / one you have the most?

I make my own vinaigrette, but a lot of the time I can’t be bothered so when I run out I revert to Oil and Balsamic, which is pretty much as delicious and what I’ll have if I’m out somewhere.


fucking hell. Absolutely shameless ‘like’ hoovering.

What a bunch of salad-fans.


Tell you what warno, the pub where I do my Nerdrunning does some cracking warm salads. A different one every week!


for standard home side salad - oil, salt, pepper, & a bit of cider vinegar/balsamic vinegar

if I’m making a salad as the main bit of a meal I’ll fanny about making a dressing for that particular salad


Lunch today was a selection of three tremendous salads:

  • beetroot, goat cheese and watercress
  • chickpea, quinoa and pomegranate
  • caponata

Served with a slice of bread and a glass of albariño, obviously.


I’ve recently started getting into pomegranate on savoury dishes. This would have always been something I was dead against.


I’ve started sprinkling lego onto rhubarb leaves and making a dressing of baby oil and cat sick.

Shut up you dicks.


I like getting one of those salad boxes from supermarkets and filling it with falafel, bhajis and bacon bits.


a salad of toasted corn with a dressing of milk


Still don’t think I got enough credit for taking this picture:


sure I do

not really a fan of those fake salads that are just like chicken and bacon and cheese. total pretense.


had the greatest salad ever at Ibzo’s (RIP) birthday lunch one year at some pub in Highgate.

Was warm blue cheese, walnut, spinach and other greens and warm pear.


Like the Cobb ‘salad’:

I mean, it’s great, but let’s not pretend here




just olive oil, maybe a splash of lemon juice and salt for me clive (every salad).


exactly. who are they trying to fool?


I have a massive salad bowl for lunch at work normally. £3.45, often contains the following and takes about 40 minutes to eat (note that I usually eat my evening meal in about ten minutes so these really are fucking massive):

Cherry toms, olives, various leaves, stuffed vine leaves, mini peppers stuffed with cream cheese, potato salad, coleslaw, other variants on “slaw”, noodles, rice, pasta, cous cous, other grain, beans, some avocado thing, hummous, roasted veg, beetroot, pickled cabbage, I could go on…

They are always :100:


that sounds like a mess