do you always have a pen to hand?


Punk as fuck

pens are more punk than iphones tbf

Yeah pretty much. Loads around the house, loads in my work bag. Often a pen in my pocket if I’m out and about.

Do you not leave your bag in a locker at the gym? I’ve occasionally had to take my handbag in with me because there were no free lockers and it felt very weird

Also what about when having surgery, would you insist on bringing a pen into the operating theatre or hope to be able to steal one off an anaesthetist if you need to write something down? Or swimming in the sea? Do you keep a pen in your swimming costume? What about when you’re in your hot tub?

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Clark Gable Nod GIF

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small gym - 30 seconds i can get to my bag

surgery - there’ll be a pen to hand anyway so i wouldn’t bother adding a second yeah.

sea: i have one on a tiny surfboard pulled along on a string.

hot tub: that’s what the hot tub’s little stationary draw is literally for.


“oh wow, Eric Cantona, here in O’Sheas! can you sign my phone notes?”


game, set and pen

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My iPhone has a blink 182 ringtone I’ll have you know

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No, and it causes me problems. I will not learn from this.

For example, yesterday, I was messing around recording three separate arpeggiated guitar tracks, but in the knowledge that I would have to re-record them later and just had to capture the idea now. I told myself that I did not have to write down the parts, because I would remember them.

This was obviously a lie, so I got out my music notepad to scribble down reminders. But having no pen, this was no use to me.

I hope I remember the parts when I come back to record them properly.

(I won’t)

I actually did go downstairs to find a pen this time, because I really liked how the parts were shaping up, but this is the first time ever

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really good use case example here of penless danger

have pen, will scribble

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WHAT did you call me

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always think I do

until I need a pen

and then it’s like

oh fuck


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How would that then play out?

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it doesn’t play out

it has to work out

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Just bought FOUR pens


Nah. Fuck a pen. Clown-ass items.

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I enjoy Juggalo ant.