Do you and/or your partner


Have a “present draw” or similar where any presents you get given that you don’t like or need get stored away and then passed on to other people (and hopefully not the person that gave you the present originally!!11)

  • Yes, I do this, obviously
  • Yes, I do this and I feel a bit bad about it
  • This is an entirely alien concept to me
  • This is an entirely alien concept to me and seems stupid, Tory and is not what present giving is about. I’m quite angry!

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this is just a little bit sad I guess.


i didn’t understand this at all until i realised you meant DRAWER.


I could care less about this.


don’t get presents so I guess CWBAFT is the appropriate response for me.


I have a present drawer but I don’t give them to other people, as if!


Yeah, can someone change that?
In my defence I’ve had to take diazepam and codeine and don’t know what’s going on




I don’t give or receive presents very often.


I’m still getting that PS4 for Christmas though, right?


Well yeah, obviously. As long as you’ve asked for it and you gimme some notice I will get you a present. Just none of this surprise rubbish. Unless it’s secret santa. Blah.


Sorry, stopped reading after this.



Hahaaa, it’s fine, I stopped trying after this.


Can’t believe no one does this?! What do you do with all the shit people buy you that you don’t want? Think 80% of gifts my mum has got me in last 10 years have gone in the DRAWER


My partner works for a national magazine and receives gifts/samples from PR people (coffee machine, scented candles, books, decorative plates, virtual reality machine, etc in the last month alone). Sometimes they are used as birthday gifts for other people. Sometimes we use them ourselves. Sometimes I sell them on my eBay account.


Keep it and resent it taking up precious space in my home, obviously.


Charity shop, regifting is a terrible thing.


Very subtle way for labmonkey to explain his swinging habits


Just don’t regift the gifter and nobody gets hurt! Win-win


You got a spreadsheet to keep this all straight?