Do you and your significant other have a list of famous people you're allowed to bang?



Is this still a thing following the largest Friend accosting Isabella Rossellini in that coffee shop? Apologies if this thread is a bit relationship-centric, or reductive, or #problematic for anyone. SSP? Yeah why not.

  • no, of course not
  • MY SANDWICH?!?!?!

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No, and I’m strongly against the idea because her number one choice would be Matt Baker.

Matt. Fucking. Baker.


From The One Show? Shiiiiit.

That probably says more about you than it does about her though.




oh mate



At least it’s not Adrian Chiles, I suppose.


Matt Baker with the personality of a salt shaker.


Doesn’t even rhyme.


No, but it really annoys my partner when I say I love Nicklas Bendtner.


well, well, well.

my list has changed radically btw


Great thread, j_i

And yes, yes we do. Spoilers so it’s an opt-in for any slebs reading this site


Lucy Liu, particularly as Watson in Elementary
Keri Russell, particularly as Elizabeth in The Americans
Emma Stone
Jennifer Morrison
Ginnifer Goodwin

Need to get a full update on hers - two entries i’m confident on:

Jonny Lee Miller - particularly as Sherlock
Noel Fielding


Kurt Russell, particularly as MacReady in The Thing

I have fixed this for you.


Keri Russell
Jennifer Morrison
Ginnifer Goodwin

Well, you certainly have a type, don’t you?


i wouldn’t say there’s a list but it’s been established that neither of us would begrudge the other for bedding adele exarchopoulos


Oh, forgot Tom Hardy for her


I may be a tiny bit attracted to women with prominent cheeks


Mine 5 years ago:

  1. Ryan Gosling
  2. Jon Snow from GOT
  3. Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey
  4. David Beckham
  5. Ryan Reynolds

erm why did i fancy this guy?




:smiley: i mean the bowler is pretty rad