Do you believe in objective truth?

  • Reality exists
  • All subjective and socialised

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No fence sitters.

Ahm oot

I’m into subjective falsehoods. Like, in a big way.

Zip on or velcro?

i can feel something inside me say
i really don’t think you’re strong enough, no



thanks for chering


Pro reality, pro the causes of reality

if all truth is subjective and socialised how do I know that this is the case?

This Is My Truth Yours Is Absolutely Batshit

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sometimes its more obvious than other times

ok but if “all truth is subjective and socialised” is objectively true then it also can’t be.

There were WMDs in Iraq, you’ve all been socialised to believe there weren’t

of course it can, something can be both true and not true at the same time

Ah I see that’s fine then.


it’s not objectively true
it’s subjectively true

Would be a good way to get around being shit on a quiz show, this

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Oh bollocksoi

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don’t like it being called subjective though as it reinforced heirarchies like the Queen and shit.

Can’t we call it like agentive truth instead?