Do you buy treats/snacks for your colleagues when you go on holiday?



My inbox is littered with emails like ‘biscuits from Berlin’ and ‘cakes from Copenhagen’ at work but I have to say I’m pretty bad at remembering to buy stuff like this for colleagues when I go away, need to get better at it.

What about the rest of you office drones?






Nah, I never bother.




Thank you, you have all validated my selfishness. Close the thread.


Yes, although it’s a small office of less than a dozen people and so a single box of biscuits bought in the airport usually covers it.


I never go on holiday

I mean, I’m going to Oxford and could bring back some…digestives or something.

Our department is notorious for making and bringing in food and the area it’s placed is known by my immediate colleagues as ‘Cake Corner’ but by others, as, ‘The Trough’


I find those kind of biscuits always taste the same too. ‘Can’t taste the Berlin in these Susan, sorry’.


Why would I be thinking about work colleagues on holiday?


So you eat your colleagues biscuits, but don’t buy your own for others?

Utter monster.


Yeah buy loads to be fair. Went a bit mad on my last holiday and brought back about £20’s worth.


I’ve addressed this in the opening OP post you prick!


This is pretty much required in Japan. The train stations there all have shops in that just sell boxes of cakes and biscuits with a photo of the place on top. Each town has its local speciality.

I suppose the nice thing is a guaranteed continual supply of snacks.


no… but last time someone went away they brought me back some biscuits. so am I now obligated? BUT they were the boss… so that’s different right?


Depends where I’ve been


No, obviously.


That’s a very clever and quite sweet idea. Makes it much more interesting than picking up something in the airport.


Like this:


Yes if I remember, gotta build up those PR points where I can.