Do you buy treats/snacks for your colleagues when you go on holiday?

It’s the equivalent of the airport, really. You’ll see lots of Japanese people loading up with boxes of the stuff just before their train home.

Everyone does it here. However I never have enough room in my luggage coming back so they are either getting nothing or exotic Tescos biscuits.

Can never be arsed. Always have very little space in luggage anyway.

Will bring piles of pineapple cakes and tablet back to the office every time I come back from Glasgow, which is about once a month at the moment. Don’t really do it when I’ve gone anywhere else.

no i buy them for myself

Yes but they’re more interesting and localised than the typical box of airport biscuits innit.

Just sit at your desk eating a whole box of turkish delights.

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No, fuck that

Nah, I wouldn’t bother unless there was something remarkable.

phrasing of this post has done me a bit.

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Nah, but they do all get a smug photo of me on whatsapp probably giving them the middle finger.


Might start buying a Toblerone from every airport and bringing that in. “Treats from Lisbon / Berlin / Copenhagen etc. in the kitchen!” Toblerone every time.


did that with shortbread once that I stole from the shop on the way out arrivals at heathrow. (this was during my “edgy” 19-20 year old years)

Lot of no’s in this thread.

Is it not standard practice in your offices to do so? Seems like it has been every single place I’ve worked in…

There’s no written rules though is there Geoffrey.


No but if it’s something that most people do, you get stuck in, and then don’t bother yourself…

It’s the custom in Japan to always buy loads of snacks for everyone you’re going to see for the month after coming back from a holiday. I sometimes get a few things for work but I’m normally backpacking so I don’t have much room for the mountains of boxes other people buy. There is an ever present pile of sugary snacks in the corner of the staff room.

Stop biscuit-shaming us!

It’s certainly the “done thing” but so is making all the people who sit around you tea/coffee and i’ve never subscribed to that one either. Futile acts of rebellion are the only way to survive office work.

Not really doing that - I was just surprised that most of the feedback in here is ‘nah’ when wherever I’ve worked it’s just the done thing and you don’t really think about it.