Do you call your mates out on stuff?


was chatting to one of my all timers the other day on the phone and was asking him whether he liked reggae or not.

he said he didn’t mind it, but had not connected with it, unlike other genres.

I asked him what music he really ‘connects’ with and he said jazz, north african shit and cuban stuff.

I told him I didn’t know many north african artists, so could he give me one solid artist to be getting on with.

he said - Youssou N’Dour!

now, firstly…this is a shit answer. everyone knows this cat. he’s probably the most well-known of all the african artists (cept maybe Fela)

secondly - he’s actually from Senegal. which as we all know, is West Africa.

sooo…I reckon my man was trying to impress me with his wide-ranging musical tastes, but when I put him on the spot, he just chucked any name out. why would he do that? (non rhetorical)

feel like I’d like to call him out on this one. couldn’t give two-hoots who he likes. Spice Girls? no problem. Sclub 7? sure, why not

thoughts on calling your friends out?


i’ll usually just text them


Who initiated this phone call Silkz?


me, I think.


I think it’s very pleasant and nice that you guys just ring up shoot the shit with each other about reggae, jazz, whatever really.


Seems like you didn’t call him out, though. If you had maybe he’d have had answer regarding both his apparent lapse in geography (possibly the guy plays with a not of North African artists or something) and maybe he just started with the biggest names first, which is what I’d do.

I mean if someone asks me what sort of music I’m in to I don’t rattle off a bunch of obscure bands like a cunt, I tend to say stuff like Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Sonic Youth and Sleater-Kinney. I mean those last two are obscure to a lot of people. I don’t want to come off like some kind of music pseud.


no, you’re right…I didn’t call him out.

just got the feeling that he was trying to impress me, rather than being honest and saying he has a passing interest in music from that area. he’s a very serious guy. no interest in trivial shit. I remember him lambasting me when I said I was knocking up a Rick Ross playlist, for example!

in his defense though - he does listen to spotify a lot, so I guess all the artists from particular genres just merge into one. or something. dunno.



I am fucking dreadful at naming artists I like when put on the spot. I’d have to go on my phone to find out who I’m listening to. Then people will ask me about the bands, where they’re from, etc. I have zero idea.


Sounds like this friend has let you down, mate. :disappointed:


That is the most DiS OP of all time.


Does he know that when a child is born into this world it has no concept of the tone the skin it’s living in?


Sort of, but mostly I’m just trolling IRL.


i pulled up one of my long time friends about his use of the word ‘chinky’, saying that he would ‘rape’ something, and he kept calling his friends ‘niggaz’.

anyway, he took it terribly, we had a huge massive fight, and we haven’t spoken properly since except at a mututal friends wedding. i used to live with this guy and i taught him how to swim, but it all disappeared overnight. other friends were just letting it all slide for whatever reason, but i spoke up and bore the brunt of it.

good riddance to bad rubbish i guess. his defence was that he should be able to say whatever he wants to friends without fear o being pulled up on it, when i said that i pulled him up because we were sch good friends.


You mean he suddenly forgot how to swim?




You were right, he was wrong.

Better to be pulled-up/called-out by your friends than strangers, colleagues, bosses.


Yeah this is fucked up :frowning: Sorry man.