Do you call your parent's house "home"? (Dreadfully tedious poll thread)

Home’s more the feel of a place than an emotional attachment for me. Never lived where my folks live now, but always notice how much more homely it feels than my own place (or most people my age, maybe it’s a generational thing?) - always warm, smells of cooking, comfier.

In a way i think it’s a good thing that parents move. Imagine the emotional wrench of having to deal with selling a house years down the line where you have decades and decades of memories, right from childhood to your parents being old and passing on. Could be very tough.

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I am NEVER going to move back to the town in which I was born so it’s never going to be referred to as ‘home’, not now, not since I moved away, not ever.

So the house we live in was my partner’s mum’s childhood home…she inherited 50% of it two years ago…and even though they received some very reasonable offers, couldn’t bring herself to sell. Eventually she agreed we could buy it, turn it upside down so it was unrecognisable, then sell it when (hopefully) the attachment has gone.

So yes, must be tough.

My bedroom is still pretty much a shrine to me - it’s been decorated but still has my old photos, ticket stubs and books on the walls.

i just say my dad’s, haven’t lived there in yonks.

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Room at my parents house still has cut out pieces of kerrang on the wall, moving back next week, hopefully for no more than two months while I try and buy somewhere

Yeah some end up in therapy and go on to write an article in the Guardian about it

One of the bad things about living round my way is that houses that were really average in the 80s are now worth shedloads so most people’s parents cash in and move, so there is a constant attrition, friends move away then their home base goes and they are back even less, meet new people and the same thing happens a few years later until there is no one left.

Yeah, same. Still refer to Essex as ‘home’ even though I’ve lived in London for longer now. Guess I’ll always do that.

We were forever moving as I was growing up – army kid, you see.

The place I call home is somewhere neither me nor my parents lived for about 25 years

My house is home, my family home that parents still live in is home home

My little brother managed to convince the parents to knock the wall down between two bedrooms so that he could have a bigger room after I went to uni, meaning there was no longer (and still isn’t) enough room for everyone to sleep at Christmas etc.

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I call my parents house my Mum’s house even though they both live there…mainly as my Mum paid for majority f it
I haven’t lived there for 20 years…still feels like going home i a blot of ways though, my old bedroom is now my Dad’s music room though so there’s that.

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I call my parents’ house in That London home sometimes and when I’m there I call my place in Leeds home.