Do you change out of you clothes when you get home?

When you’ve been at work or studying or out and also about?

It would be a bit weird to mooch around the house in lyrca, wouldn’t it?

If I’ve just been out in normal every day (not work [smart] clothes or lycra) stuff then obv not.


I have loungewear which I change into when returning from any out of the house activity. We’re currently in the annoying spot where it’s not quite hot enough to commit fully to my lounge short but my lounge pant (tracksuit bottoms) are too warm.


Definitely when I’ve been at work.

Usually when I’ve been ‘out and about’, unless I’m off out again later.

I’ve got scruffy t-shirts and trackies for lounging around the house. Not going to sit around in work gear obviously, and prefer not to knock about in even a pair of jeans unnecessarily.

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Yes, after I’ve made the next day’s smoothie, I change straight into non-work clobber.

Not slobby leisure wear though.

I’m above that shit.

My work clothes are pretty much my everyday clothes. Apparently it was the benefit that people know what to expect when they see me outside of work.

The bf is always amazed at how fast I change into my PJs, like my clothes are made of Velcro.


used to really like doing this when i was suited and booted

now i just wear whatever at work so it doesn’t make a difference

If I’m in work clothes (shirt and trousers) then yes. I’ve got a pair of Fat Face lounge pants (like the middle class wanker dad I am) and I’ll put these on if I’m not expecting to leave the house or have friends over. Otherwise I’ll change into non-work clothes.

If I go to work in regular clothes then I won’t bother changing at the end of the day.

what do you put in your smoothy, kale and quinoa I’ll bet

Nope. I have no slobbing around clothes really so there’d be no point. Obviously change out of a shirt into something less neocon if I’m going out after work, but if I’m just hanging out I’ll stay in work clothes until I go to bed.


T-shirt, shorts and flip flops.

Like a domestic Cheryl Baker from Bucks Fizz

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This is the system I follow too, stuff which is old and rubbish but still comfortable goes into semi-retirement as stuff to laze about the home in.

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yeah, have one pair of topman sweatpants that I get into as soon as I get home. it gets washed occasionally

A few spoons of whichever Onken/Yeo yoghurt is on offer (currently Mango and Passionfruit)…

Yes, almost immediately.

Straight into joggers in the winter / shorts in the summer.


Yes, I have a sweet pair of grey joggers with loads of colourful aztec patches over the knees. If I could I would wear them everywhere.

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I change into PJs about 2 mins after walking through the door, regardless of where I’ve been.