Do you change out of you clothes when you get home?

Solution 1: put the heating on and wear shorts
Solution 2: open a window and wear the lounge trousers

You bring me solutions, not problems, that’s what I like about you Meo.

Would that it were so simple though, there are other parties (well one other party) to consider here. Currently tending to whack the lounge short on for the first couple of hours of the evening before changing into my lounge pant when the sun goes down.

They say he changes into a lounge pant when the sun goes down.


Think we had this conversation before and that it got a bit ugly on old DiS (so lets not do that again), I think people should just be comfy wearing whatever they want but it makes me personally anxious to get into pj’s early - it’s like giving up on a night too early.

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just take my trousers off and wander around the flat in pants and a shirt. Usually with a beer


If it makes you feel any better I am stark bollock naked when I go to bed


I think we both know that makes me feel much better, Ant.



at the risk of provoking this any further, how did we end arguing about this?

I wear a suit to work, so yes, at the earliest opportunity. Only making a coffee can take precedence.

yeah. winter time, I’ll typically get into a pair of these:

with a t shirt.

Summer, i’ll go for a pair of basketball shorts

with a tank top.


I think someone called someone a slob and then it was brought up that there’s probably a gender privilege aspect to consider since a lot of women’s work clothes are uncomfortable but it was 2 gals arguing anyway so it just slid down the drain and is now in the sea.

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Putting on my house trousers when I get in from work is one of my most favourite things to do.


I’m gonna change my socks at about 5 today just as a treat

I love wearing jogging bottoms, once wore them to my parents on Xmas day and my Mum got annoyed at me. In my defence I said we all know each other so there is no need to dress up we might as well be comfortable, it doesn’t really affect any thing… so we turned up the heating and all got naked (the last bit didn’t happen)

Sounds good. I’m on a breakfast smoothie diet at the moment. I’m all about spinach, banana, blueberries, maybe strawberries/raspberries/peach, oatmeal, chia seeds and almond milk.

aw man, socks definitely come off and I’ll walk round bareback(foot). If I’m putting on shoes again then another pair of socks come out.


  • Slippers
  • House shoes

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(insert poll, oooh matron)

Absolutely not.

I’ve only recently started taking my shoes off as well because my wife’s ground me down over the issue.