Do you cover your laptop webcam?


And why? Don’t want the government watching you stare at a screen for hours?

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Not just government who can access webcams mate.

You’re looking good today btw.


Speaking as a man who encrypts and proxies literally everything, I still don’t do this

The worst someone hacking my laptop cam would achieve would be seeing me singing along to country music or talking to my cats when I’m alone


one way of putting it


When my laptop restarts the profile photo is of me drinking from one of my mugs. My face is obscured and its just the mug, tipping towards my mouth. I didn’t take this photo and it kind of freaks me out. Don’t like it one bit.


Oh I cover it alright :wink:



Use a MacBook so I’ve been reliably informed that if anyone is spying on me then the light would come on next to it. Until this happens I will continue to use blu tack to hold up my David May and Paul Ince posters only.


and your Margaret Thatcher poster…oh I have said too much


I mean they might conceivably see my dick once or twice but good for them


I have nothing to hide. Watch away, GCHQ


There’s that Luther episode of course but we’ll just hope that’s wildly fanciful.


you have a high definition zoom camera on your laptop? (sorry)


Depends on the age of the Mac - some older ones are vulnerable to a hack that bypasses the light. It’s also possible to take snapshots quickly enough that you may not notice the light coming on, although not video. Whether that concerns you or not is obviously another matter!


As I said in the daily thread, no-one I work with wants to see me working topless from home when the stupid VC software starts up and autoconnects to the camera.


I don’t have a laptop, but if I did, I would


It’s okay RonyD.


ffs zeal! Serenity trashed!


didn’t this come up recently and my initial reaction was “wtf who does this” then I started noticing that actually lots of people do it. Germany is very sceptical about technology and privacy matters though (a lot of people protested against Google’s new headquarters here and refuse to be on street view, for instance).

I mean I haven’t budged from me “who the fuck does this” position but at least I know where it is coming from


What a strange edit.