Do you do Devon or Cornish Cream Teas?


Because if you do you’re a bloody dweeb


Cornish, thanks. Any other way is weird.

  • Devon
  • Cornish
  • Not a bloody dweeb

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I do not know the difference or what either mean really.


Sorry laelf’s the wider snake oil community begs to differ according to entirely neutral website Devon Live


Devon is cream then Jam
Cornish is Jam then cream
I think they’re also very slightly different types of regional cream no-body can tell any difference between


oh that shit again


who cares!!!

(I do cream then jam)


Well we all know scientists are always right so I guess I’ll have to amend my ways.


had a few when I lived in devon


How on earth are you meant to spread jam onto cream? How is the Devon way even possible?!?!

(hello, I’m new here, well - I’ve been lurking for a bit and working my way up to posting)


which kind


How can something be correct?

And anyway if you turned that thing upside down, it’s the other one isn’t it


the devon kind I’d guess




You’ve picked the right thread to come in on, friend, a Ruffers topic always has excellent response rate and maximum beeve.


Scones are awful aren’t they, just flavourless floury mulch.


Getting right to the nub of the issue here people


Well done for starting your posting with a correct opinion.


May I shock you? I cut the scone in two, cover one half in cream, one in jam and then squish them together.


Cream first. Jam in a little dollop on top. No jam-spreading need occur. Devon all the way, but I’m incredibly biased.