Do you do separate washes for your whites and colours?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

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I don’t have any whites so no

Technically that’s yes.


Not after you washed them with the colours!!


vote changed, thank you for your diligence.

Nah. Colours don’t run so don’t see the point.

Normal clothes - 30°/40°
Gym/ football stuff - 60°
Towels, bedding - 60°

Ive never separated my colours and whites once in my life and to date ive had 1 (one) case of colour running when i washed a brand new bedsheet in with a white top.


i don’t have anything white but i separate light colours and dark colours so i’ve gone with yes. it’s not so much the risk of colours running, more just the light-coloured things gradually going grey if washed with dark colours.

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Never have to faff about separating when I wash because it goes in separated.

Remind me to take this to the absolute game changers thread.

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Can’t believe the results, fuuck


Whites and baby gear (which is mainly light) together. Everything else in separately

Nah, i was everything at 30 and nothing has ever run at thay temperature.

That said, if I eould remove anything i instinctively felt were risky.

I make a judgement call on whether stuff is mixable at the time and always get it right cos I’m a god damn professional

Yup this, although given I wear my white work shirts for so many washes the armpits go stiff and yellow the effort is largely ceremonial.


depends. don’t make a point of separating them all the time but i’ll often hesitate to put a good white t-shirt in with loads of coloured washing and hold it back to wash with the other white t-shirts and white towels. not all the time though.

this isn’t speculation btw, i had a much-loved pale pink jumper that i got for christmas when i was living in halls of residence (so couldn’t really separate laundry) that went grey after a few months. RIP jumper :cry:

Always wash whites and coloureds separately. Always add one of these babies in the colour wash

Amaze me these things. How the fuck does it catch colour. How does it know???

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I don’t but the missus does, yeah? Yeah! Hashtagbernardmanning