Do you do the lottery?


If so, national, health, postcode, euro… what’s your lotto of choice?

This is a lottery thread.






euro from time to time



  • Yes regularly!
  • Yes sometimes
  • Occassionally
  • I have done it before
  • Never.

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very very rarely, but I AM in for Euromillions AND the National ‘Lotto’ Lottery this week.

It could be me!!!

  • more than one per week
  • Weekly
  • occasionally, multiple times a year
  • rarely
  • once, on my 18th birthday
  • never

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Bought a scratchcard a few weeks ago on a complete whim. Won a tenner.


Who do you think will win?

  • thewarn
  • Someone else
  • Nobody

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yes, National

It’s all on Direct Debit and allows me a tiny slither of hope that I won’t have to work in an office for the rest of my life


Why you gotta be this way?

  • fuck off maosm
  • fuck off ma0sm

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It multiple times a year is about 4 tumes - then that’s me


I hope you find your 4 tumes


great question



Feel like it’s tempting fate to hope to be the one in 14 million, might end up being struck by lightening instead


quite pleased with the outlook here. I thought the odds were longer than that.


Not anymore after I won, that’s right I am lotto lout Michael Carroll and I was considerably richer than you


fun fact - if you’re a healthy adult you’d have to buy a lottery ticket about 25 minutes before the draw to have a higher chance of winning it than of dying beforehand