Do you download or only stream?

What do you do the most?

  • Download
  • Stream
  • Vinyl
  • CD
  • Other

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No cassette option?!



CD or vinyl for me…mostly CD

Buy downloads sometimes from bandcamp or other places if it’s particularly cheap compared to CD. Also love a good bandcamp free download. Can see Apple and Amazon etc ditching the download in the not too distant as they’re both already promoting their streaming services over it, but can’t see bandcamp’s model changing any time soon.

Stream a fair bit on my laptop on free Spotify but it’s definitely not my main listening method overall

Just stream, I don’t even bother offlining stuff on my phone since I moved on to a 20gb / month SIM deal.

Should be a multi-choice poll. I own nearly all my music in CD form, but I also listen quite a lot on Spotify.

The only downloads I have saved are things that could ONLY be bought as downloads.


Started a new music regime this year in an attempt to save money / shelf space as basically I was buying EVERYTHING on vinyl and costing £££ so I’m being more restrained:

Stream everything (family spotify account, my kids love it) and then when it’s my birthday or Christmas ask for my absolute faves of the year on vinyl.


Stream, but download not too far behind. Still a lot of stuff I like that never makes it to Spotify.

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Downloads for out and about, and Vinyl at home. Some downloads or even streaming at home but found that a reliance on that as my listening method leads to my listening habits being far too transient. I was never getting round to listening to albums, or even exploring bands enough to fully form an opinion.

To quote an article i read the day - I could tell you more about an album i hated in 1994 more than i could one of my ‘favourites’ from last year.

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Download, I listen to most of my music on the move so even when I buy CDs I end up ripping them anyway.


I stream. And if I want to own something I’ll buy the CD or Vinyl.

Seems a bit shit to ditch iTunes, but I’m sure those who want to own MP3s will either be able to use Amazon or rip CDs.

Don’t think i’ve ever heard anyone say it’ll be a bit shit to ditch itunes before!


haha true. but i feel for da old fogiez who still use it

I follow this regime. Although I’m kinda worried I’ll forget about all the great music i don’t end up physically owning in a couple of years. Once it’s off streaming/offline listening rotation, I usually end up deleting from my Apple Music to make it easier to find the stuff I listen to most often. This is stuff I’d previously have owned on CD/vinyl (or even mp3, long time eMusic user…), so worried I’ll lose track. Maybe I worry too much

Which is why I write down my initial impressions of everything new I stream…


This is impressive


I need a life

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Download or buy and rip. I may sound like an old codger but I don’t trust streaming everything. Same with films.

Have never stopped buying vinyl. But buy more these days, it being fashionable means that there are so many tempting releases coming out.