Do you eat at the table?

  • Yes
  • No

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Made a New Years resolution to eat all meals at the dining table, and actually speak to each other. Lasted about 2 weeks.


Breakfast yes, dinner usually yes, unless it’s pizza day.

Breakfast - usually standing up whilst making the kids breakfast / packed lunch / coffee (not for the kids)
Lunch - at my desk
Dinner - if we are all eating together then yes at the table, if we are putting the kids to bed then eating we usually eat in front of the tele

No, but wish we did

table is for putting stuff on that you can’t be bothered to do anything with


This is also true which is why when a drink inevitably gets spilt and covers a load of stuff it’s even more infuriating

Watch TV while sitting at the dining table, obviously.

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We bought a dining table for the kitchen with benches. It’s uncomfortable so we don’t use it much.

what’s on your table right now?

.A bic pen
.a scowering pad
.two microfibre cloths
.a scrap of paper with an old doctor’s appointment time on
.leaflet for landscaping that came through the lettertbox
.inner ear headphone that’s half broken
. HDMI cable
. Beanie
. Phone
. 1990s webcam
. sealed copy of Final Fantasy X for PS3

I was going to say “I don’t have a dining table” but that’s a lie, I do.

I use it when I work from home but I have never eaten at it.

it’s my PC table now really

Five placemats
Six coasters

One fruit bowl containing a peach and an apple.

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one of you doesn’t drink liquid?

A sewing machine and a load of fabric, some piles of kids artwork, probably some bits of dinosaur


Well there’s only two of us but she got a ceramic one that her friend makes and I hate it with my life.

I dont have a table


a creamic wot?