Do you eat too fast?



I’m afraid I do. lived on my own since 2013 and as a result, I’ve become an absolute pig when it comes to food. just stuff it down as quick as possible, don’t I.

I only really notice when I’m eating with friends. I come up for air after about a minute and realise I’m way ahead of anyone else. sometimes start a conversation, just to even stuff up a bit.

I also do stuff like chopping long strands of spaghetti or whatever with my teeth and let the rest fall back onto the plate, but that’s for another time.

so - do YOU eat too fast?




Nope. Quite slowly I think.


Yeah, definitely. Get the odd complaint about the way I gulp when I drink as well.


quite right too!


Pretty slow eater here too


Yup, I eat far too fast most of the time.


Yeah massively. Get it in the neck sometimes about being really quiet during a meal, it’s mainly because I’m stuffing food into my big fat face.


Yes, it’s embarrassing.I’ve tried so many times to slow down


Yes. I just like to eat food. Talking can wait until afterwards.


Yeh - scoff a pizza and look up to see everyone else with most of a pizza left.


Yeah, this.

I wanna get my feed down my neck before it goes cold or whatever. Talking can wait.


when will the time come to talk about the spaghetti thing bird?


Can someone PLEASE make a poll, disgraceful

Yes, I do, I’m surprised I haven’t choked to death.


Yes. I was told last week that I have Middle Child Syndrome. Cheers for that


@bugduv slapped me down earlier, so I’m gonna drip feed my inane ramblings from now on


mind if i go ahead?


all yours. and @bugduv GO FUCK YOURSELF!


I think I eat at average speed. Apparently I’m the noisiest drinker in the world. Will post a vocaroo and some selfies later.


Slow eaters are the worst. Hurry up you fuck, I don’t want to sit here watching you eat.