Do you enjoy shopping for clothes


second time I’ve done this. uncategorised the fuck out of the first one, didn’t I


nah, me neither.

I generally wear clothes til they’re hanging by the threads, hit TK Maxx, pick up 3 jumpers, 5 t-shirts (all plain, obvs) couple of shirts, then fuck off home 20 minutes later


It’s the fucking pits mate. Resent spending money on them at all. Will do one clothes shop a year where I actually go to a place and will order the occasional item online.


I like clothes shopping online but hate it in person.


Wouldn’t mind it if they did things in my size.
It’s hard enough finding things online, I know for a fact that shops won’t have things that fit me so dont bother going in.


Yeah I don’t mind it, to be honest. I’ll usually go in the sales or when we go to Springfields (outlet place near Spalding where we buy the girls’ school shoes). When I was in uni, I liked nothing more than having a mooch round the arcades in Cardiff on a Saturday for a nice t-shirt. These days, time and disposable income limits me.


I enjoy it only if the changing rooms have a collection of angled mirrors so I can check how my back is looking.


normally hate it but I’ve been a bit more confident this year and dont cry in changing rooms anymore


Hate it.

I need to make a plan of what I want to get and where I’m getting it from and be in and out as quickly as possible.

Really don’t understand how people can just ‘go shopping’ and wander aimlessly around looking at clothes in all the different shops, trying them on and etc.


My biggest beef is overly hot changing rooms. I tend to go for tight-fitting T-shirts. Sometimes I’ll go a bit too tight - the way my back expands through the motion of taking off a t-shirt coupled with being a bit sweaty has led not infrequently to me getting a bit stuck in clothes. Of course, that’s stressful so then I just sweat more which adds more resistance to the overly tight clothes.


The whole trying-things-on business is too much hassle, very rarely bother with it. Changing rooms too hot, takes ages, nobody needs to be surrounded by fucking mirrors while they’re removing clothes.


Necessary evil


guys? do you try t shirts on in the changing room? the fuck is the point in that? just flip em on next to the rack, then pick up another 3 of the same size innit


Nah, no chance pal. Might make an exception for the extremely rare occasion where I’ll be considering a white/light one just to check if my nips are visible or not.


yep, love it. Is my main go to thing for cheering myself up. hate ordering stuff online and then it comes and looks awful though.


As noted above, yep. Find some t-shirts sit funny across my shoulders which are quite slanty. Plus, as also noted, I risk getting stuck in tight-fitting clothes which are easier to get on than off…


online - aye

in person - no chance

changing room anecdote

was trying a pair of jeans on in diesel (i know, i know) when i was about 15 and their changing rooms had those sort of half doors like you’d see in a bar in an old western film

got the jeans half way up my legs before i started to fall backwards out of the changing room, smashed through the door and landed flat on my back with the jeans round my ankles on the main shop floor right in front of all their outrageously attractive female shop attendants

i had unfortunately also chosen to wear snoopy boxers that day, suffice to say i did not buy the jeans


That is a truly mortifying anecdote. Nice one!


i enjoy shopping for clothes. the thrill of finding something i like


Ruthlessly sweeping up fitz’s likes


I get things in bits and bobs and usually leave it really late, but then do my research and get stuff I am really happy with. This doesn’t apply to t-shirts, I get loads of plain ones or band tees. I am currently on the lookout for a good breathable lightweight waterproof jacket. Looking at around £100 though.