Do you enjoy your job?

My job is really boring but I get to surf the information superhighway and listen to music at it so I guess I’m a whiny entitled crybaby.



Mostly, yes.

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Generally. I’m hoping to be in a different position in another year or two but I am learning new skills in this one.

My true hope is that one day this specific job will be unnecessary but that is wildly unlikely because capitalism.

In my line of work that I cannot talk too much about, my job is boring 99% of the time and then too exciting 11% of the time, of course I give 110%

  • work from home
  • flexibility
  • it is sometimes rewarding
  • pay is nothing spectacular (I worry about pensions a lot)
  • working from home is quite lonely
  • sometimes it’s stressful

Overall: 6.5/10


Only care about cash and getting experience so I can move out of this industry. Could happily stay here if it wasn’t for incompetent management

In principle, yes, right now, no. Out of my depth, don’t feel like I’ve been given enough support, hate working from home. Switching to working in a shared office in a few weeks complete with office dogs, and hoping that as I become more familiar with the projects and processes things will become better.

Alright Theresa.

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I have never enjoyed a job. Must be nice.



Nah. Load of nerds. We’re the cool ones, to be envied.


no, but teaching has been a good ‘growing experience’. honestly would have preferred to work down the mines or picking cauliflowers 2 years ago, but I’ve got through it, learned a lot, and has been more of an eye opening time than my previous job.

dunno how teachers do it full time tbh. just being up in front of people and having people’s futures in your hands day to day is absolutely draining let alone all the bullshit bureaucracy, marking and generally being shit on by the government. they need to be paid more.


or at the very least not have their job made harder by decimating the education system


Not particularly so I packed it in before Christmas, there are advantages to having no family or dependents, ie. no mortgage or debts so I can afford to take some time off living off savings until I inevitably have to find another job!

I quite enjoy my job. The office environment and way of doing things suits quite well with how I like things to be, and working three or four days a week means that - though the commute means I’m out the house for the best part of each of those days - I’m not totally consumed by that routine and can actually get other things done during my time off.

What’s a savings?