Do you enjoy your job?

What’s a savings?


I always worry I’m shit at my job but they seem pretty pleased with how I’m doing overall too

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Nobody does.

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I am counting down the days till I can go part time while I’m studying again


nope. it’s extremely tiresome, but tbh I think it partly comes down to having been at the same place for nearly 12 years - the little things have added up over the years and just become more and more annoying.

I like the concept of my job, just not this particular implementation. I blame the user.

oi! check your fb to see what i just got :smiley:

It’s fine.

I’ve been locked out of messenger. Probably too subversive or something. This is a prompt to try and get in…

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oh shit!

I quite like my job. I would not want to be a school teacher again ever but my current workplace and conditions suit me.

it’s ok cause 15 hours a week and studying is fine and I sit in a chair and eat. i’m living the model life and don’t think i’ll bother being a full time worker ever again. no money ever though might be a problem. can i be a freelance ____ something and get £1000 a month for doing one easy thing?

Loved it for 18 months, has become more tiring over the last year. It’s a startup so it’s full of people who don’t quite know what they’re doing fucking up al the time (incl. me). Still great sometimes.

Tbh if I could go 25 hours a week or so for a year I’d be absolutely thrilled

I like the bit where they give me money for stuff that I find less taxing than doing a shift at Tesco and the times where I get to feel a bit clever. Not fussed by the rest of it.

It was a rather weak allusion to our Prime Minister, but I’ve got a nagging thought in the back of my head that you’re American and therefore understandably wouldn’t get the reference.

Most of the time! especially after a meeting yesterday where it looks like I’m going to be moved entirely to the sister brand we are creating (I’m more or less in there now anyway) and in control of the whole editorial side of things including the specialist news site we are launching :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: a wayyyy sweeter deal than I ever could have got working at a traditional paper.

I didn’t even know there was a journalism element when I applied for the job, so after a few years of burning garbage on the job front, things have turned out pretty nicely tbh

A few tensions bubbling under with the team though as the research team are very cliquey and almost all of them joined straight out of uni so are very defensive and mutinous about people with more job experience/different styles of management coming in. I like them all but they basically managed to get the new associate director fired at the end of last year and while that was probably for the best, it makes me worry that if I piss them off they might try to oust me. And I’m definitely pissing them off a bit because the new changes will mean I’m not at their beck and call any more to do admin, which isn’t my job. Eep. Oh well.


Literally mad that I’ve never had to be a professional journalist before I got to be sort of the editor (which is what I always loved more than writing my own articles) :heart_eyes:

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American and my job is related to this

I don’t think your Prime Minister opposes capitalism but I could well be wrong.

Yeah that was part of the joke too.

I will now go and fetch my coat.