Do you even lift, bro?

Kind of want to get some muscles. Where do you begin? Can anyone recommend some home weights or something? We have kit in the office but I’m embarrassed to use it (might ask of the guys who does… but probably won’t). Not going to join a gym, sorry.

Or should I just do a tonne of push-ups, idk


(I literally do nothing whatsoever to strengthen my arms)

I still can’t even do a whole push up.


I bought a kettlebell in the New Years sale a few years back. After a few months I was buying a heavier one. Also double up nicely as doorstops

A fun thing to say if someone says to you “can you do a push up?” (or, more widely, “Can you do X” or “Would you like an X” etc etc) is as follows:

“No thanks, I’m trying to cut down”


I enjoy to lift things up and put them back down again

You can do quite a lot using bodyweight, to a point. Could you sign up for a couple of PT sessions to get you started off? (that might involve a couple of gym visits but then you’d be off doing your thing at home?)

That is one of my least favourite things to do


My issue with this is, I think my left wrist is a bit dodgy, the last time I tried to do push-ups (which was probably a couple of years ago), I would get shooting pains in my wrist and couldn’t carry on. Not sure if it’s a long term issue or what.


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Yeah but I have no schedule for my workouts which I really need to get around to doing.

Tuesday’s bike fall has fucked my wrist and I am most annoyed about not being able to do the lifting for a while

I also found doing push ups with a push up bar far easier than just using my hands.

I now do push ups, sit ups, squats and kettlebell lifts every other day

I think there is Something addictive about it. It used to be something I hated doing but now I very much rely on it to keep my brain in check

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have you had your wrist checked out?

No not yet. It feels like a bad sprain or bruising so was gonna wait a couple of days?

When I have to move house or move desks or whatever I really hate it and the thing I tend to say is “there is nothing worse than picking something up and putting it back down again somewhere else” and this is something I wholeheartedly stand by.


Are you icing it lots? Ibuprofen?

I have these bell things I lift. It’s all pretty dumb though I just end up putting them back down again.


Those are very annoying cumbersome shapes though