Do you even lift, bro?

If you’re not feeling it in your core it’s probably because your bum/back is too high. If you really lower your bum and keep your back as straight as possible, and hold on a little longer you should absolutely feel it.

If you find it a struggle there are variations you can try, eg rest on your hands instead of your forearms and then alternate tapping your shoulders. That one has been great for improving my shoulder strength.

I wouldn’t give up after two weeks.

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yeah, I think I got the form wrong a bit. I watched a video on how to do them this afternoon and did them in front of the mirror, but I don’t think I was doing what you said or squeezing my abs enough.

I’ve only just started the planks tonight - rest of my workout is going fine. even upped the weights a bit and lunges aren’t resulting in next day paralysis any longer :slight_smile: i’ll try them again next time but not aim for 60 seconds. reckon that’s too much of a leap given the shape i’m in.


I’m the same with planks, think I’m in pretty good shape now & it still doesn’t seem to touch my stomach, just get nasty ligament pain in my shoulders and elbows.

dunno if it’s a tall person thing or what, but not every exercise is for everyone, & it’s fine to fuck it off if it isn’t working for you.

I’ve found hanging leg raises are the best for me so I just do them.

haha. shit, two completely contradictory responses to the question. sorry. :woman_shrugging:

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could be a tall person thing. i’ll try them again but bin them and do some other core exercise if i’m not making any progress.

genuinely had one of those emotional ‘i can’t fucking do this I have to go home’ moments on my knees with my head on the floor with people just walking past after these planks :smiley:

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Do you mean this literally? Have you thought about doing some exercise that isn’t painful instead?

Definitely a tall person things. Stuff like planks and press-ups are much harder if you’re taller and long limbed, it’s physics innit

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I’m never going to get rid of my belly flab without stopping drinking, which isn’t going to happen because it makes life barely worth living. So that’s that.


Not sure if it’s good but did a 170kg 1RM for deadlift


yeah I go for walks, that’s the only non painful exercise

No it’s not

can you think of some?

At risk of re-treading some old discussions… Pain can feel good. I like it when I ache after a difficult climb - it means I’ve tried hard and pushed my body and I’ll get stronger from it as a result. Pain from exercise also releases endorphins - it literally feels good to people beyond the more cerebral ‘self-improvement’ feeling of goodness.


doesn’t feel good to me to be in pain, afterwards yeah it can be satisfying to be very tired

Any gentle/moderate exercise. Are you just trying to do more than your current fitness levels allow or do you have an injury?

I brush my teeth after eating what I have decided is going to be my last snack of the day- because once you’ve done that, it’s easier to say no to eating more out of the cupboard, or drinking juice (or wine!)

bike bore spoiler:

i am very rarely in pain when i go for a bike ride. some of the best experiences of my life in the past few years have been on the bike, and for me it’s almost nothing to do with it being exercise. it’s about going to new places, seeing the sunrise or sunset, being out and about not in a city or built up area, being with friends and people i love the company of. it’s also about being able to eat and drink whatever the fuck i want i guess. and no doubt endorphins are released somewhere along the way, which helps.

you have to find something that works for you.


just getting lazier and more unfit as I’ve put on weight and the strain and unpleasantness of doing anything is increasing, can probably do about 10 pushups in total but that’s not worth bothering with

As others have said, it shouldn’t really be all that painful.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I climb a LOT because it sorts me out. I have to concentrate completely, so I stop thinking about anything else. It’s a mindfulness thing, a distraction. My head goes quiet and it’s wonderful.

I ache like fuck after a good session, but I drop to sleep really quickly and - usually - sleep much better. I do get sore fingers every so often and right now there’s a blister on my toe, but otherwise there’s really not much pain. :slight_smile:

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literally everybody else in the world has a good body it seems! :frowning: