Do you ever bother with communication in your work/university etc?

I’ve got an email here in front of me, it lists all the projects going on and how they’re getting on. Never read it. Same goes for “thought-provoking” blog posts on our intranet about working together.

Do you read them, are you as cool and indifferent as me?


Unsubscribed from work email list, cba. Just occasionally read the boss’s ramblings on FB.

you get the option to do that?

Not exactly. Was asked to scan some documents and email them to whoever once, using the boss’ laptop, so used the time to remove myself from the relevant staff group as a contact, heh


JFC, no, never.

I don’t even read emails I’m meant to read.


Just unsubscribed thanks to this thread

No, I get probably 20+ staff/department news emails a day due to working in a few different areas. I just filter the mailing list emails into a special folder and mark them as read with an outlook rule. I don’t give a shit if Melanie is doing race for life. I don’t care about missing mugs. I especially don’t care about the state of the staff room.


alright, grint

We have a weekly newsletter come round every Friday, gave up on it years ago when the ‘things to do this weekend’ was constantly repeating ‘food market on Southbank/flowers in Kew Gardens’.

There’s a garden in Kew? No way!

There’s only like 15 of us, so we just shout things.


I hear some rumblings about some flowers or something. Could’ve been plants though, not quite sure.

Hmm, depends.

Some of them are genuinely interesting, but anything to do with financial discipline, continuous improvement or ‘better every day’ conversations (I guess they’re much the same thing) go unread.

I get a lot of emails from my old uni asking for money. Lol, as if I have any money.

At the firm I’m at the cashiers have to email everyone if they recieve a transaction that they can’t allocate.

Every now and then some berk replies to the email asking why they are recieving it and asking to be taken off. This again goes to the whole firm. Often this triggers further emails from other twats that also don’t understand that they have to be on the list (for risk and compliance reasons or something). Then some partner usually has a hissy fit (agian copied to everyone) and asks people to stop replying to the entire list.

Its pretty classic.

i just divert the emails to a folder and never read any of them LOLOLOLOLOL

I work in comms and sort out sending this stuff.


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never, ever.

We get a smug email every friday detailing sales figures, photos from conferences etc. just goes straight in the junk bin.

usually ignore emails circulated to do with changes in processes (invoicing etc.).

just deleted a tldr post.

Filtered folders are a wonderful thing.

long posts are for the uncool people

I typed it out then thought ‘no one actually cares’.