Do you ever feel like just the least capable person ever?

Like name a thing and I can’t do it
It’s amazing I get out of bed



Every day tbh.

We all have varying levels of capability at different things.

I, for example, cannot hit a ball with a bat of any kind, however I am very, very capable at recognising excellence when it comes to posts made here on


Much the same thing really

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I’m roughly competent at most of the things I’m expected to do, but I’m a generally terrible person so it all balances out.

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Suffer from horrendous imposter syndrome. It’s an absolutely wild ride, because my brain is constantly telling me that everyone else is way more competent than me in everything, and the only thing I’m apparently good at is fooling these people, all of whom are as said substantially more competent than me, that I’m actually good at something, and that all makes perfect sense wink wink


I’m not so much an imposter since I’m already at the bottom of the pile, but I struggle even at that

I have depression and anxiety so yes, frequently :wave:


Ah fuck. I hope this isn’t a flare up.

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You can rock amazing long curly hair :blush::+1:

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Tyvm but it literally does itself
In this capability race the hairs are winning over the will

Nah. 5 minutes outside and usually feel I have my shit together.

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I used to feel this but over the last 2 years I’ve been feeling strangely competent.

It’s very odd.

Is that when the warden calls you back in?

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When I compare myself to my peers I do feel pretty bad. A Surgeon, Dentists, high flying city types. Then there’s Alex, who got 8 years for Fraud. I’m doing better than Alex, mum. I’m doing better than Alex


Might start an acquaintances in prison thread
Might be bleak though


Yeah, constantly. Mainly due to being nearly 35 and relying on sporadic handouts from my parents to pay big bills etc, not having ever had a ‘proper’ job in an office or whatever, not being able to afford stuff I’d like such as holidays, lots of reasons really.

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I’m too slow at things. Can only learn something if I’m learning it entirely on my own in my own time.

Remember how good I was at Quake Live