Do you ever feel like just the least capable person ever?

Guarantee I’m worse at almost everything than all of you, would bet my life on it

I have this so much at work.

Im like wtf im a teacher lol how


Almost always. Whatever it is I’m doing I’m not doing it nearly well enough. People might say I’m doing good but they’re just being nice. Even when they have no reason to do so.

One day they’ll all tell me what they really think and then it’ll all fall apart. It hasn’t happened yet but based on the zero evidence I have for it I’m certain this absolutely will happen.

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Exactly this.

Can’t even face finding out

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yeah this combined with what i v much suspect is undiagnosed dyspraxia means i’m forever beating myself up for being crap. god bless having the time to find the right antidepressants and cognitive behavioural therapy, now i need to figure out how to not be the most cack handed, clumbsy man on the planet


What really annoys me is that by all reason I should be a success, I was born male and healthy, had a caring upbringing, did really well at school, somehow pissed it all away though and fully expect to die homeless and alone if I make it another 10 years or so, complete sickening waste of potential, truly the lowest of the low

Yes, frequently
There are so many ‘core’ life skills I feel incapable at learning and have a lot of debilitating mental conditions :frowning:

You just moved cities, got two new jobs and a new flat, and play in an internationally touring band! Shut it, ruffers!!


But yknow I had a lot of potential but blew it on booze n drugs in my late teens and early 20s. I had privileged in my later years, my childhood was a mess and lived in a broken home, but there was a 5 - 10 year period where I had the opportunity to make a go at life wiht the support I had but I fucked it up. Looking to rectify it now after a few shakey years. I’m not going to let my 20s wreck the rest of my life, need to make good on my potential and am determined to do so.


Dude, don’t sweat it, I’m still paying two years of back taxes accrued from being bad at self-employment. At least I’m paying them, but fucking hell, I’m 32 and not a real adult!

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You are not merely a duck, you are a great and determined duck - I fucked my 20s up a bunch too, but as long as you’re here you can pull it around. You can do it, Duck!

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Not really though but thanks
These jobs as well, hooooey they’re bad shit.


I have no craft skills at all.

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Very much this. I also can’t play pool and last time I tried was very embarrassing.

Decent at bowling though

Uh huh. Every single day.

It gets worse as you get older guys

it’s a cruel paradox that the more you learn the more you realise that a) you know fuck all and b) that 95% of people are winging it (and you’re one of them)

I have this really, really bad today

Excuse me?

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Also you get loads of successful people who are much younger than you and man does that irk.

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