Do you ever imagine when you've opened a bag of crisps

That the flavours are like a long-lost civilisation and you have just freed them and you can almost hear the crisps singing in unison at the sheer joy of the situation?

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what kind of thread is this?


I’m on a train.

Bottom deck :frowning:

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Eating @crisps

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I’ve never imagined this no.

What colour is your train?

in a similar vein though, sometimes when I’m eating a snack I like to imagine how ancient people of ye olde civlisations would be amazed at my lovely morsel and think how lucky I am to live in a time of readily available amazing snacks :slight_smile:


Yellow with a blue stripe in the middle

I think people from 100 years ago wouldn’t be able to cope with the flavours we have now. I think it would hurt their tongues

did people even have snacks before about 1960?

I guess like berries growing in a bush maybe?

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@bamnan I thought of you the other day because I bought some Happy Shopper chipsticks and cheese puffs from the corner shop. 2 for £1 :+1:

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yes mate!

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I remember when I was a kid there was a kind of vague notion that it was rude and disrespectful to eat food outside, like nobody walked around eating crisps or drinking a can of coke

Very sure of yourself there Capt. Memory.


does make you think though

I think that still applies. Was just thinking it while eating a bag of crisps while walking around Utrecht Centraal. It was the burst of flavour smell when I opened the crisps that inspired this thread.

I’ve really turned around on this thread btw!


Animals are dying because we’ve bred fruit to be too sweet. We are monsters.