Do you ever just leave your phone off for days so people can't get in touch with you?

Sometimes I have to do this


Not for days, but I try to leave it in another room more now cause it was just depressing checking my phone all the time

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just when my anxiety is on the rise the thought of people seeing when I’m on whatsapp and when I’m not responding to them sends me into a spiral. Hate it


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I do not.

I think you can change your settings so people can’t see when you’re online.
You can also turn off read receipts.



thanks that’s helpful but I’d feel too guilty, just going to have to put up with it

No, but only because when I’m too anxious to talk to people I get stuck in a loop of looking at social media/DiS on my phone and cramming as much possible content into my brain as possible. I just leave everything on unread instead until I’m capable of responding.


wish I had made this a general thread about anxiety tbh, it’s rubbish and really irrational


It sure is. Brains are sometimes silly things. Stupid silly brains.

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I do this and it ends up giving me a headache more often than not, hence my leaving the phone in another room more often these dayz


I’m wondering if being stuck inside is making me go a little crazy tbh. My obsessions are getting more intense, like I’m staring at the hedges in the garden and getting anxious about them growing and having to be cut. What if my neighbours see me in the garden?!?

Left my charger at home last time I went on holiday and ended up going without a phone for a week because my Spanish wasn’t good enough to ask for a USB-C charger. Was quite nice actually, plus I got to really annoy my girlfriend with my airy enlightened smugness (“while you’re trying to connect to the cloud, I’m connecting to… sweeping gesture to the sky the clouds”).


sounds amazing. I know it’s selfish but I’d love to never be contacted unless I chose to be

I used to when I had a non-smart phone. saw it as a bit of a treat.

You’re allowed to go into your garden. You’re allowed to go for a walk. Go outside man.


Well this way, you can see when people are getting in touch and whether it’s just general chat or if someone really needs to speak to you. If you put your phone away and ignore it completely, you could miss an important message, which would make you feel more guilty, surely?


Sometimes I leave it in another room for a bit. I can sometimes find it a bit overwhelming if it’s buzzing away with new messages (I’m not popular, just in a few whatsapp groups for work, family and hobbies and get a fair bit of email spam).

When it’s really bad I put airplane mode on for a bit.

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I should really do the same tbh. Spending more than 10 minutes on Twitter should come with a health warning anyway.