Do you ever just leave your phone off for days so people can't get in touch with you?

I don’t like to go into my garden in case my neighbours tell me off about something or say I have to cut the trees back or kill foxes etc

think I’m going to just practice not responding to people if I can’t be bothered as usually I feel I need to respond immediately to everything. If I can get away with that it will really help

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night time walks are good if you’re anxious about people. I live in a town of around 14,000 people, and I go out for a run around 8, which isn’t that late. Sometimes see one person, but usually see no one.

Wear headphones in your garden.

A lot of mental health specialists are warning that there’s gonna be a lot of people affected badly by staying indoors for long periods. It’s not good for any of us really. I try and take some solace in the thought that we’re all gonna be a little crazy by the time the restrictions are lifted.


I do occasionally go out for 5 minutes here and there, it’s nice to be in the fresh air for a bit

Nobody tries to contact me most days anyway so no.

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yeah it’s a tough one, gotta see the other side I suppose. I’m kind of bad at small talk unless it’s about a specific topic I think so loads of just conversational messages make me not know how to respond/how much to respond

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like if someone says “how’s it going?” or some equivalent are you supposed to send more than a couple of lines saying you’re alright and not doing much?

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ah sorry, honestly same here a lot of the time, sometimes it’s just the thought of people messaging that makes me anxious and unable to concentrate on other stuff

Yeah, lockdown is making this worse for me. Like, I haven’t done anything. A bit of exercise and some work and that’s all really boring. Ooh, I cooked and had a little cry. THRILLING.


sorry to hear that, hope you’re doing alright mate, it’s not a fun time for anyone

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Oh I’m fine, but thank you. We all get a bit sad with stuff like this.

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Not been a big drinker for ages but I’m realising how much I’d use just one or two beers to take the edge off and I don’t have that now so everything is so raw

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Not really. But I have put certain conversations on mute - Facebook / Whatsapp groups, mainly.

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