Do you ever just look at someone and think

yeah, they’ve got a GitHub repository



Me neither


You know what? I’m oftentimes known to glance at strangers and curse, ‘You jammy GitHub repository owner’, under my breath.

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Part of the problem is they’re never the ones you expect

That feeling when you pass a stranger on the street and you can tell by the way they’re walking that they’ve just pushed a commit.


I don’t even own a GitHub let alone many GitHubs that might necessitate a GitHub repository


Cos you’re Github, floating underwater

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Was too scared to merge a branch the other day so I “cherry picked” the commits I needed. Lovely.

Assumed github was some weird dodgy porn thing for losers


I cleaned up my dev folder on Thursday, I’d cloned about two dozen git repos that I’ve never even worked on

Shut Up And Hub The Gits

The Kier Starmer Story

Fork my repo :wink:

Everybody GitHub singing (one, two, three, four)
Five will make you get down now

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Once in work I was stood making a brew and my mate jogged up and shoved me and I was like “what was that for?” and he was like “Git push!” and jogged off again.

Good developer banter tbf.

Steer clear when he starts making database dump jokes