Do you ever leave the house (for non sporting reasons) in tracksuit bottoms?


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Yeah, on the rare occassion where I’m cold enough in my home to be sporting tracksuit bottoms as opposed to my lounge shorts and I need to nip to local Bo’s.


I do in joggers sometimes, if I’m just nipping to the shop one evening or morning and putting eans on is too much of a hassle


only to the local londis. I’d put on proper trousers for anything else.

guy in londis keeps asking me where I bought my clothes. not so keen on this line of questioning, to be totally honest


Sorry, everyone is going to have to vote again.


Not sure that’d be suitable behaviour for the 2012 Manchester & Tameside Paper Merchant of the Year.


I don’t own any tracksuit bottoms.


not on trackbook


Don’t own any

Should get some really, but tend to just go with pj bottoms
I don’t wear them to the shop


No. I’m neither injured nor completely lacking in any form of self respect.


yeah for comfort reasons


yes but only to put the bins out.


don’t own any either


you seem nice




Thanks bbz. I’m no @elthamsmateowen, but I try to make an effort.


Of course not.

I did so once and felt so self-conscious - couldn’t wait to get back and change out of them. It was the 90s.

I don’t own any now.


I don’t have any ‘comfortable’ clothes that I wear at home. What I wear round the house is stuff that I’ll go out and about in. The most comforable outfit I would wear is Jeans (shorts in the summer), t-shirt and a hoody.

I guess I have some long basketball shorts I’ll stick on if I’ve been caught in a heavy rain shower. Wouldn’t wear them to go the shops or anything though


Don’t drag me in to this!

I will walk across the road to the tesco express in the evening or first thing in the morning if I need stuff for dinner/drinks/coffee/breakfast.

If I’m going to waitrose I’m getting dressed though.


Also this is hugely dependent on what you class as ‘tracksuit bottoms’

I’m talking about these: