Do you ever make up stories?

I do, usually when talking to the
gf or family, if I see something like a get away chase on tv I will say something along the line of ‘of course when I was in the SAS there was a driving module so if we were in that situation we would be fine’ or ‘In the SAS jungle stage we had to tackle those animals with nothing but a shoe lace’ I go into much more detail when pushed.
How about u lot, do like to tell tall stories?

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love telling lies. when i was a kid i told my sister that whenever she saw a feather on the ground, that was a birds gravestone. a few months later she ran into the house saying her friend was messing with a dead bird, when i came out all he’d done was find a feather on the ground

Yeah that one stuck in her memory, a good one as it makes sense when your a kid

Not really, I’ve probably told the story on here before about my mate at school who consistently told elaborate lies, including a long-running saga about his sister dating David Tennant, then when that was rumbled, he claimed his sister had made it up and was being sectioned. It was all a bit sad really.

It’s going to take something special to beat this guy.

Or this story marckee shared earlier:

Nah but I have passed off anecdotes I’ve heard off here as stuff that’s happened to people I know.


I’m fascinated by conmen. It doesn’t seem like an easy way to make a living by any means, even if the perks are good. The murderer who pretended to be a Rockefeller is another good one:

There’s a doc on Netflix about the case which is good.

But like with Delvey - part of the scam was all based on wire fraud and shit… how do you even know how to go about that? I can barely login to my own online banking, let alone produce fake receipts from a private UBS account transfer.

A great lie from last week at work. Went like this.
Him “get up to much last night?”
Me:”no just sat”
“Watch anything good?”
“No I didn’t watch tv”
“Oh read anything good?”
“No. Just sat”
“You just sat doing nothing all night”

I actually went out and got up to quite a lot. HA


sure, my entire back/life story, all the time

Sometimes when people ask me “How are you?” I’ll say “fine” even though I’m not feeling fine at all

I’m always making up stories, my name’s not even Lo-Pan.