Do you ever read the comments on friends and family Facebook posts?

I just did. Wish I didn’t.

“Sage after left wing”
“Don’t wear a mask. I don’t.”


Not on Facebookbook.


When I was on facebook I had strict ‘no family’ rule

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I had a strict “no friends” rule


So weird. A friend took to the old book tonight to be publicly annoyed about our shithouse prime minister (she usually keeps things to herself but this latest shit is beyond the pale).

One guy in the comments in absolute weapon. Always has been. I despise him.

Not anymore because I deleted my Facebook account. Because Facebook is controlled by cut-throat Mark Zuckerberg and the government. That government is owned by upper class males who enslave working class citizens with Orwellian online surveillance disguised as phone number verification, dehumanizing censorship, elite-controlled media companies, wealth inequality, and internet monopoly. Online privacy has become a joke after 9/11 when these upper class males put working class citizens in subordinating fear about terrorism. These upper class males are threatening online anonymity, free speech, independent journalists, individualism, internet freedom, purchasing power, and freethinking to keep working class citizens as easily controllable puppets. So, no. I will not read comments on a “social” media platform that has a cult-like political agenda disguised as politically correct.

@CuriosityKilledACat doesn’t read the comments.