Do you ever say "pissed" to mean "pissed off"?

  • Yes and I deserve to be stabbed
  • No

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i am not american, no.


Only if I’m talking to an american

Nor do I say “tuxedo” when I mean dinner jacket

Nor do I pronounce lieutenant “loo tenant”.

I work with young people so I hear all this sort of thing all the time. As a grumpy old man it leaves me feeling pissed off.

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Hold the mayo!

No thanks just eaten

Have you ever made this joke whilst stocking the fridge with another person?

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  • What

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Yeah my level of hatred for this is irrationally high.

I got called out by an American cause I said ‘apartment’ and they were like “do you say apartment or are you just doing it cause I am” so I was all like “I just thought it’d be easier to stick with what you’re saying”

I don’t think I say it myself but it doesn’t annoy me when other people say it

U wot?

Who made that ruling???

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Major Major

Are we having this? I’m not having it.

This one has legs.

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Made by a group of… Americans?

yeah I do sometimes. I quite like pissy as an adjective. you probably say more american words/phrases than you realise

ain’t life grand

Pissy and pissed aren’t the same word.


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You got a ball park figure?