Do you ever starch your shirts?

Bought some starch and need to iron my shirts today, can’t wait

Nah, seems a bit Rees-mogg. Also I don’t know how you’d do it or what it actually is.


Nah just eat em raw normally

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I’ve got shit Primark shirts and I thought starching them might stiffen the crap collars

tend to favour floury potatoes tbh

It’s just spraying them with starch before ironing and it supposedly stiffens/crispens them

I would like to take away the starch if anything

OI, STARCHED SHIRT! How do you get you shirt so stiff?


Mmmmm crunchy clothing


lucky if they get ironed at all tbh

I prefer to cock a snook at uptight businessmen in their starched shirts. Just a rebel I suppose

What do you call a TV show where people dress up and perform as their favourite potato?

Starch in their eyes!!!