Do you ever think the world would be better without the internet?

So the haves can have it, but the have nots can’t?

I’m honoured to be your strawman here.

I wasn’t referring to mean tweets. I was referring to rolling 24 hour news cycles and perpetual apocalyptic headlines. Where will it end.

No they wouldn’t, they’d just find something else to moan about. I don’t remember the 70s and 80s being some gloriously happy offline utopia.


The whole point is that it empowers everyone to be a “professional”. You want to learn French? Read about a topic to a degree level? Build a business? You can do it all online.

Of course it also exacerbates our worst instincts because we’re all flawed and prone to failure, but that’s just something we’ll have to grapple with.


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On web?

In the heat death of the universe?

My grandmother used to cry herself to sleep thinking the USSR was going to drop a nuclear bomb on her long before she had an email account.

Work sabbatical actually, I wish it had been a year!

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With people being aware of the world’s issues, and then hopefully being motivated to help solve its problems.

The world would be a much better place if more people were aware about what is happening, rather than when people decide to avoid news because they don’t like its negativity.

how do you know there isn’t some crazy super future tech that we don’t have right now?

my dad tries to pride himself on being totally uninterested in the internet, but have now shown him that there’s a million hank williams concerts on youtube he’s never seen and got him to download iplayer so he can listen to some science podcast he likes.

the internet is like 95% good tbh (we should def get rid of twitter though, and reddit)

I think it causes as many problems as it has solved

List them.

god you’re all so horrible

I made the mistake this weekend of asking a penoid subreddit to maybe think through the consequences of their posts and have a little self-awareness.

Reader, you would not* BELIEVE how poorly that went down.

*absolutely would, it went exactly as you’d think

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You’re the one suggesting restricting knowledge to ‘professional’ people only!


I’d don’t think this is correct, really, though i do agree with your general point. The internet has had quite a negative impact on my vision for one. It’s changed the way i digest information, and my general behaviours. I struggle to relax. It’s not the internet’s fault that i read fewer books, no, but it’s my fault for using it so often, and that has, pretty undeniably, had its effects.

I’d also agree with what HYG’s saying, but i think you can say both that the internet’s more positive than negative, and that it might not be good for individuals. It’s great that a doctor can offer medical advice via Skype, sure, and yes that’s more important than whether i enjoy reading a book or not, but we’re talking about both personal and broader usage here. I’ve literally not done a productive thing online for years, and most of the things others consider productive probably…aren’t, or could be done via other means.

I think the fact that certain governments suppress and censor internet access is pretty good evidence of its utility as a tool of freedom.

well it’s easy for city people with a future to be patronising.

It would be like this