Do you ever think the world would be better without the internet?

Although it did take a full ten or so replies before somebody angrily accused me of promoting mass censorship and making a really, really dodgy comparison to gay rights, so maybe there’s hope for them yet!!

It was a stupidly binary response to a stupidly binary question.

I find it inarguable that, challenges notwithstanding, ‘The Internet’ is overwhelmingly A Good Thing.


What is “productive” though? Makes money for someone? Gives you a personal sense of satisfaction?

When I went on my honeymoon in Cuba you had to buy a wifi card and input a 15 digit code into your phone before you could connect to the hotel wifi. Took me forever to Instagram photos of a lobster lunch I had by the beach. Worst holiday ever.


The internet, and virtual working and networking, is probably the single most viable way for people who aren’t

city people with a future

to get out of that situation these days.

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I could list quite a few, I know a few ppl on here’s livelihood revolves around the internet so I can understand being defensive. But it just feels like the internet ruins the journey of experiences rather than talking to people and building up experience, its turn to the internet and google it!

Substitute internet for books and your argument is exactly the same.

You wouldn’t say that books were bad though, would you?

yes but that’s presuming that the ultimate goal is for everyone to live in a city and earn lots of money. Life shouldn’t just be about efficiency.

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No, the internet offers a greater chance to live remotely and make a living.

not sure you can prove that.

That’s such a niche, privileged way to think about the internet though - the fact that you can no longer bullshit about whether Michael Caine was in some film or wasn’t down the pub.

Think about the opportunity it affords for billions of people around the world who previously would have existed entirely among local networks that kept them in endless cycles of poverty and low information.

As so many people say that we live in humanity’s worst ever era and that the internet is a force for good… imagine if we wouldn’t have had it?

What if you make trillions from your music on Bandcamp Bammers? :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:


Are you trying to argue that having access to the internet doesn’t make it easier to make a living working remotely?

the internet is amazing and we’re not going to really be able to truly understand just how powerful an effect it has had on the world for a long time

unfortunately humans are still imperfect, meaning that just as with anything else there are negatives

I know, right. I find I can’t properly enjoy a beautiful view until I’ve photographed it and uploaded it on Facebook.

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that can never happen.

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Who says [quote=“Balonz, post:54, topic:13460”]
we live in humanity’s worst ever era

Pretty dumb thing to say.

well the whole world is now designed around the internet so if we’re talking snap your fingers and the internet is gone then yes you are right but that’s different to structuring the world without it.

I dont about that, there still seems to be as much poverty and problems as when there was before the internet.