Do you ever think the world would be better without the internet?

I won’t even cast my eye over an Amaro filtered photo.

I wouldn’t be able to call you all a bunch of twats without it.


You not read these boards before?

Nah you just hear more about it on Twitter.

Well without the internet we never would’ve had this thread so there is your answer!

This is exactly what I was referring to above!

We think we’re living in humanity’s worst ever era because never before have so many people been so minutely aware of just how many terrible things are happening every single day.

It’s been pointed out that this awareness might be a good thing, but what if our brains are simply unable to process this sort of information? What sort of desperate measures are people, and their leaders, going to take because of this skewed worldview?

OMG! I just realised, without the internet I wouldn’t know all of you!!!

case and point!

In all likelihood I wouldn’t even know that Frensham Ponds existed.


Maybe your too caught up in it all, you believe all the internet billionaires when they say there going to solve all the world problems, I thinks that’s pretty privileged view.

i definitely would have written at least three novels by now if the internet didn’t exist

Before the internet we lived in a world with roads, cars, aeroplanes, telephones, globalisation, de-industrialisation and under-investment in post-industrial towns and cities.

Towns were already becoming dormitories for those who could drive long distances to jobs in cities.

I guess it’s all fucked either way.

Of course not, nothing will be a panacea to the myriad problems we have in the world, and a system that is largely controlled by a bunch of libertarian douche bros operating for profit will likely only make things worse. Yay capitalism! But the capacity the internet has, for the exchange of ideas, for building networks, for stimulating progress, is very real and has a genuine power that I think will be harnessed in future.

My overarching point is that just because some of us pasty, English, middle-class office spods sometimes get het up about some dumb below the lines comments doesn’t mean we should throw the baby out with the bath water. You can’t just look at it from your own point of view - that’s exactly what privilege is.

And I’m very wary of people who have some distinction about “authentic experiences” and how they can apparently only happen beyond the reach of the big scary internet. It’s self-satisfied bullshit for people who have the luxury of choice, it’s only by comparison that you can define that real sense of connection or whatever it is you think you had.

Check out some of the fucking Luddites in this thread!

Nope - I’d be out of a job for starters with no internet!

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i was pretty much the last person at my school to get broadband - my parents put it off until late 2007, when my friends had all been glued to it for about 5 years.

was i happier than everyone else? no, but i was significantly more naive.


no, I can’t wait to merge my consciousness with it


I don’t think the world would be better without the internet

but I definitely think most of the people (including me) would be better without social media & its constant nagging presence

someone probably said this already, I don’t have the attention span to read the whole thread