Do you ever think/worry about...

Your scent? Like sometimes people will walk past you and their waft follows shortly behind and you think “that person smells fantastic!”

I wonder what my WalkWaft smells like, concerned it might be Farts.

What does your WalkWaft smell like?

Absolutely paranoid constantly about how I smell.

Skipped a DiS dinner last year cos it was really hot and I had a minor panic attack about getting the tube and ending up sweating and gross smelling.

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Can we all meet up and have a catwalking sessions where we smell each other and tell each other in honesty and confidence what our WalkWafts are?

  • I’m in!
  • Bit weird.

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Can we do a breath check afterwards?

maybe compare bums


Sure. We’ll do all The Smells


All the time. I’m quite sweaty, and I really notice when other people smell a bit, so I spend most of my time trying to avoid offending other people.

I’m always amazed by how smelly / fragrant some people seem to be, I wear deodorant and a few spritzes of Davidoff every day but never smell it, some people must be dousing themselves in stuff to make it so potent.

Have you considered that you might have become desensitized to your own smell/ davidoff cool gunslinger?

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Gear oil and Ralgex


Few people have told me I smell nice but I’m always paranoid about it. Always have some aftershave in my pocket if I’m gonna be out for more than a couple hours whatever I’m doing

Yeah I wondered but I don’t think so. When I wear a different scent, like my Jo Malone one for a special occasion, that stuff is pungent, it’s around all day. Maybe Cool Water and Lynx Africa just have poor sillage, idk.

You notice it when it’s different or when it changes.

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Then I would very much like to sign up to the aforementioned sniff party and see if it’s just me or not.

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in my experience, people who are super worried about their smell never ever smell bad

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this is what I hope for myself. always incredibly paranoid about it. probably stank at the christmas meet, that was a long sweaty afternoon before getting there.

Quit the boards didn’t he?


: D


Yeah but only at work. I only seem to smell bad at work (I think)

Project WaftWay

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