Do you ever think/worry about...

Few people have told me I smell nice but I’m always paranoid about it. Always have some aftershave in my pocket if I’m gonna be out for more than a couple hours whatever I’m doing

Yeah I wondered but I don’t think so. When I wear a different scent, like my Jo Malone one for a special occasion, that stuff is pungent, it’s around all day. Maybe Cool Water and Lynx Africa just have poor sillage, idk.

You notice it when it’s different or when it changes.

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when people douse themselves in nice smells its because they are smelly humans.


Then I would very much like to sign up to the aforementioned sniff party and see if it’s just me or not.

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Jo Malone 2: Lost in New York


in my experience, people who are super worried about their smell never ever smell bad

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this is what I hope for myself. always incredibly paranoid about it. probably stank at the christmas meet, that was a long sweaty afternoon before getting there.

Quit the boards didn’t he?


: D


Yeah but only at work. I only seem to smell bad at work (I think)

Project WaftWay

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I probably smell bad because I have a bad sense of smell. like the dog. and I sweat which dogs don’t do.
I never think about it, sorry to everyone who meets me.

you defo weren’t smelly

i think this from pn is bang on (at least i hope so cos i sometimes worry about it)

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I never notice anybody’s scent unless it’s offensively bad. Not sure why? My sense of smell is keen otherwise, i can smell a smoker from 4 blocks away.

Fuck anyone wearing a smell.

I was at a gig recently and the smell was disgusting (just farts, basically). What is up with that

Noticed that after the smoking ban massively

Myself being an offender, of course

I think maybe i notice it now i don’t drink anymore, not that that really makes sense