Do you ever wink?

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you bet. one of my sexiest moves.



And sometimes when im really bored, I try to wink with the eye I cant wink with.

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I feel like I do a thumbs up at people loads, it probably looks really goofy

:wink: :+1:

Don’t think I’ve ever done a genuine wink, it’s always a bit ironic

I ticked no originally but yeah I do this ALL THE TIME

“Shall I have a biscuit?”
I look in the mirror for an answer

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Weird how a wink is possibly one of the only gestures that can both conceivably be (a) extremely ridiculously sexy, and (b) a thing someone does to highlight that they know they’ve made a shoddy joke

I’ve not very good at winking.

Or composing sentences :wink:

I can’t wink. It’s forever hampered my ability to be bawdy

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Haha one too many beers

(Had to correct this three times)


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Convinced that my brother’s dog winked at me once when noone else was looking


A husky winked at me the other week, while it was peeing.
TBF it was intensely erotically charged wait at the traffic lights.

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I can only wink with my left eye. Fun fact there.

Just tried it, it’s more natural for the left for me too, the right just pulls my mouth up into a scowl. One of the many joys of an assymetrical face

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Very occasionally, I will also do finger guns as well.

I do occasionally and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. I’ve done it to strangers at times too though not for a while.

I definitely don’t mean it flirtatiously but God knows how it comes across.

I should be locked up.

Love a wink

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I always feel a bit uncomfortable when people wink at me……

Can do both but feel like the right is quite natural while the left contorts my face into the hideous visage of a killer!

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